Marine Algae Treatment:
90 Mins $80 (Package 10 sessions $680)
By unique massage method, with essence of sea plants, extraction white essence is absolutely 50-100 times higher than others. Give skins a new and fresh experience.
Process: Deep Clean, Exfoliating, Facial massage, Skin Balance, Skin Clean, Skin Essence, Facial Mask, Facial Daytime Cream.
Aroma Plant Treatment:
90 Mins $80 (Package 10 sessions $680)
To enhance sensitive skin the best antioxidant, anti-sensitive capacity. By using unique detoxification method, make your skin whiter, and moisture rebirth.
Process: Deep Clean, Exfoliating, Facial detoxification, Skin Balance, Skin Clean, Skin Essence, Facial Mask, Facial Daytime Cream.
Acne Treatment:
90 Mins $80 (Package 10 sessions $680)
To purify the cells and make secretion balance, skin enjoy a whole refresh feel.
Process: Deep Clean, Exfoliating, Skin Balance, Skin Clean, Skin Essence, Facial Mask, Facial Daytime Cream.

Add On Service: (add on services only, can not purchase individual)
LED Treatment: 20 Mins $30 To bright skin, shrink pores.
Radio Frequency Treatment: 20 Mins $30 Superconducting penetration of new muscle with whitening, wrinkle, tighten together.
Oxygen Infusion Treatment: 20 Mins $30 95% pure oxygen care, whiten Skin, back to your youths.
Eye Ritual Treatment: 20 Mins $30 Eyes are more soothing, firming, moisturizing immediately.
Diamond Microdermabrasion: 20 Mins $30 Deep to the stratum corneum so that uneven skin smooth Run
Face Detox : 20 Mins $30 Face Lymphatic detox,good for edema, and also tighten the skin.
60 Mins $90 ($750 Monthly Deal : Come in as many as you want to do the treatment )
One session burn 800-1200 calories and begins to reduce the appearance of cellulite. For 30-45 minutes your body is on high heat and full detox mode. You will sweat profusely and your metabolism will continue to operate at an increased level for a period of 24-36 hours AFTER your treatment.
Model-in Slimming:
60 Mins $100 (Package 10 sessions $750)
To effectively reduce cellulite and lose weight by using natural essential oils and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.
Body Lymphatic Detox treatment
60 Mins $110 (Package 10 sessions $850)
Lymphatic detox is good for edema,blood circulation,tighten the skin. Also reduce cellulite.

Breast Toning Treatment:
90 Mins $120 (Package 10 sessions $700)
Improving chest flexibility, shape, and distribution of natural health beauty.
Ovary Maintaining Treatment:
60 Mins $110 (Package 10 sessions $700)
Thermotherapy of the uterus, promote blood circulation, reconstruction of ovarian function, and postpone menopause.
Lava Rock Therapy:
60 Mins $90 (Package 10 sessions $600)
The magnetic fields of volcanic rocks can relieve muscle fatigue, promote blood circulation. It is three times the efficacy of other massages.
Ear candle Treatment:
45 mins $40 ( Package 12 sessions $400)
Using candles and vacuum to clean ears It is good for Tinnitus, laryngitis, migraine
Head Therapy Treatment:
30 mins $25 ( Package 10 sessions $200)
Promote blood circulation, relieve headaches, promote hair growth.
Delta Sleep Therapy:
90 Mins $80 (Package 10 sessions $680)

improve the quality of sleep. Eliminate the long-term cumulative fatigue. It is good for high pressure groups.

Back Stress Therapy Treatment:
30 mins $45

Body Wrap Treatment:
30 mins $45

Deep tissue massage:
60 mins $70

Swedish massage:
60 mins $70

Aroma Signature Facial:
60 mins $90

Collagen Gold Mask :

Essential oil :
$20/ treatment

Dermalogica signature facial :

Mink eyelashes extensions

Silk eyelashes extensions

Arm Full : $40
Arm Half: $25
Back Full: $60
Back Half : $40
Bikini Line: $35
Chest: $40
Chin or cheek: $10
Eyebrow: $10
Full Face: $35
Full Leg: $60
Half Leg: $40
Underarms: $10
Upper lip: $10












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